Presentation of the new Board of Directors

Consiglio Club CLC

Greetings to all, this is the official presentation of the new Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog Club, as you know on 10/10/2020, in Florence, the elections for the renewal of the offices were held and I am pleased to present the new Board of Directors

Board of Directors
President Claudia Paolini
Vice-president Simona Coriddi
Vice-president Mario Noce
Secretary Ulisse Mazzaferri
Councilor Roberto Caccherano
Councilor Nicolas Chessa
Councilor Gennaro Commone
Councilor Maria Cristina Di Mascio
Councilor Sarka Matrasova
Councilor Andrea Santoni
Councilor Luigi Soreca

Board of Auditors
Massimiliano Briglia
Michele Cosimi
Massimiliano Rizzo
Andrea Macioni substitute
Board of Arbitrators
Laura Masserdoni
Laura Mele
Loris Tabacchi
Sandra Leoncini substitute
Adele Matrusciano substitute

I wanted to thank all our supporters who have made this project a reality, in which I have always believed and strongly supported because I believe it is the most right and the best it can do for the good of the race. Finally we have a board of directors that embodies the spirit of ENCI which is precisely an “ASSOCIATION OF BREEDERS”.

We have a lot of work to do but I assure you that we are full of enthusiasm and energy, we want to make up for lost time.

Unfortunately, at this moment it is not possible to organize exhibitions and work tests, however the events calendar for the next 2021 is being prepared and will soon be published on the website and on this page.

In the meantime we are working on many fronts which you will be updated as soon as possible.
Thank you all.